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Ocean State Tick Control – Mosquito Control Services

Our Mosquito Control Program

Below are some common questions we receive about our mosquito control practices, materials and cost. Please click on the question to reveal the answer and if we don’t address a question you have about Ocean State Tick Control, please contact us.

Eliminate unwanted guests from your yard this summer! Those Pesky Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are one of the greatest nuisances plaguing our summer. Unfortunately, they leave more than itchy welts, they also spread diseases that seriously sicken, permanently disable, or even kill their victims. Mosquito-born diseases include, but are not limited to, West Nile Virus and EEE, which have sickened or killed thousands in the USA. Local mosquitoes can carry both of these diseases.

By treating shady lawn areas, brushy areas in your yard, and deep woodsy areas abutting the yard, we can greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes (and mosquito bites) in your yard. To maintain a mosquito free or a greatly reduced mosquito population in RI, CT or MA landscapes, regular treatment is necessary. SAFE treatments should also be a high priority for you, your family, friends, and pets. Many mosquito treatments are inexpensive…but unsafe. Others are safe, but ineffective. The TALSTAR based treatment that we use, is one of the most highly recommended materials for safe and effective use in RI, CT and MA residential landscapes. Treatments are most effective for a 3-4 week period. To maintain the highest level of control, we recommend 3 week intervals between sprays. Some families occupy their homes for only July and August. For them, just 2 sprays per season can work! We will tailor our program to your needs!

We offer two scheduling options for Mosquito Control:

Season Long Mosquito Control
For a season long program, we start in May or June and spray every 3-4 weeks through September.

Individual Wedding/Event Sprays (i.e. Event Party Corporate Functions, Lobster Bakes, Barbeques, Graduations, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers)

To protect you and your guests from mosquitoes at a wedding, barbecue, or other scheduled outdoor event, Ocean State Tick and Mosquito Control will arrive at your site the morning of the event or the day before. We will treat an entire event area, that after just one hour of drying time, will be 100% safe and ready for use by adults, children and pets. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your special event!

​We use PERMETHRIN, a product, which has been specifically formulated for use in residential settings. This is the #1 treatment recommended by the URI Tick Awareness Center. While this is NOT TOXIC to humans, pets, and birds, it is TOXIC to mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants, and spiders. After a one hour drying time, it is completely safe for walking and playing. For once it dries, usually after 30 minutes, it sticks to the grass and brush, and does not rub off on passers by. It also resists getting washed off by rain for several weeks. Another attribute to PERMETHRIN is that it adheres to the top 4cm of soil/surface and is biodegraded by sunlight and soil organisms. This means that after a few weeks, there is absolutely no residue from a spray, as opposed to other materials which slowly toxify your property. Because our product does not permeate the soil layer, it Does Not Affect your well water. Once again, it is deadly for mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and ants, but safe for us.

The price of your treatment is based upon the amount of area treated in your yard. Just because you may have a large property, it does not mean that it all has to be sprayed. When you meet with one of our professionals, we will look at what parts of your yard are used by your family and pets, and then come up with a treatment program. After we define the parts of your property which are used, we will identify which of those areas will harbor mosquitos, and outline a treatment program bases on that. We currently have some customers whose applications are as little as $95/per treatment.

Service Areas

Please see the service areas page to learn which towns Ocean State Tick and Mosquito Control Program services in Rhode Island.