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About Ocean State Tick Control

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In 2004, I contracted Lyme Disease for the third time, and also pulled deer ticks off my wife, child and our pets.  Clearly, changes had to be made in our landscape to make our home safe.  We live on an acre of landscaped property, surrounded by woods on three sides.  I began researching tick control and found URI specialist, Dr. Thomas Mather’s publication very informative (www.tickencounter.org).  They became the foundation of our home tick control program.

The first thing I did, was to clear the perimeter of our yard of brushy growth, kept the grass cut low, and sprayed the recommended material (bifenthrin) around the perimeter of our yard and on our planting beds.

Results were instantaneous: I stopped seeing ticks on my family and our dog.  My family and home became well protected.  I now have three children (and two dogs), and in the past 10 years, we have not pulled a single tick off one of them after time was spent out in our yard.

When I saw these results, I decided to start this company, Ocean State Tick Control, to offer similar protection to other families.  Expanding my focus from tree care at Kaiser Tree Preservation Company, to controlling ticks in residential landscapes, was a natural progression.  Kaiser Tree already had been a leader in tree pest control for decades.  I already had the appropriate equipment, and the knowledge of its use.  Like most small business ventures, my first customers were family and friends, until the word got out.  We now treat hundreds of homes in New England and have yet to have a single family report that the program has not been effective.

Since the creation of Ocean State Tick Control, we have maintained an effective program which is reasonably priced and environmentally safe.  We base our program on the research and advice from URI’s Tick Awareness department, as well as other leading tick control companies in other states, such as East End Tick Control of Long Island, NY, and Weston Arborist of Weston, CT.